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Looking to elevate your career and make a global impact?

Dive into an international internship experience like no other with AIESEC’s Global Talent program.

AIESEC Global Talent

Here’s what awaits you:

Elevate Your Career Game: Whether you’re into business administration, marketing, IT, or engineering, Global Talent opens doors to internships across diverse sectors. Get ready to gain real-world experience that will set you apart in the job market.

Experience the World Differently: Jet off to a new country and immerse yourself in a unique culture. Broaden your horizons, understand diverse perspectives, and evolve personally and professionally.

Build Your Global Network: Why limit connections to just your locality? With Global Talent, connect with professionals and like-minded youth globally. It’s time to expand your network beyond borders!

Make an Impact on Global Goals: Your internship can be more than just a job. Many of our opportunities align with the United Nations’ SDGs. So, while you learn and grow, you’ll also be contributing to a better world.

Flexible Duration Options: Whether you’re looking for a short-term experience or a year-long adventure, we’ve got you covered. Choose an internship that fits your goals and schedule.

Structured & Seamless: We’ve got your back! AIESEC ensures a clear, well-defined internship experience for you. From job roles to expectations, every detail is crafted to ensure mutual growth for you and your hosting company.

Why settle for ordinary when you can go global?

Step into the future with international work dynamics, sharpen your edge, and set the trajectory for a successful career with AIESEC’s Global Talent.


Not provided


Not provided


Varies by project


9-78 weeks


Not provided, but support offered

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Create an account on our platform and fill in all the details on your profile.


Find an internship

Use the filters in our search page and find the opportunities that fit your background and profile and that spark your interest.


Go through the selection process

After you apply for a project you will be contacted by us and receive information on the selection process.


Get ready!
Once you’re selected, it’s time to pack your bags and prepare all the logistic – don’t worry we’ll be there to help!

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