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Ever thought of unlocking your ultimate potential while making a real impact on the world?

AIESEC is YOUR platform to shine. We’re all about empowering young adults, just like YOU, to lead, grow, and connect.


Here’s why you should join us:

Dive Into Team Dynamics: As a newcomer, you’ll be part of vibrant teams, learning the AIESEC way, and playing a role in our exciting events and programs.

Step Up & Lead: As you grow, take the helm. Lead teams, spearhead projects, or even take charge of entire AIESEC functions. Local? National? Global? The sky’s the limit!

Master Real-World Skills: Whether it’s marketing, finance, or project management, you’ll gain hands-on experience and skills that’ll set you apart in the professional world.

Connect Globally: Tap into a network of like-minded youths from all over the world. Experience diverse cultures, share ideas, and forge lifelong friendships. Being a part of the AIESEC family makes the world feel so much closer!

Attend Epic Events: Be part of electrifying conferences, both locally and on the global stage. Perfect for learning, networking, and setting the direction for change.

Make A Real Impact: We’re big on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through our programs, YOU can be at the forefront, driving global change.

Grow Beyond Boundaries: AIESEC will challenge you, surprise you, and inspire you. Embrace personal and professional growth like never before.

Are you hungry for a trans­for­ma­­tive journey?

Join AIESEC! Be part of our mission: catalyzing peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.


Ages 18 to 30




Volunteer-based at local level


5-10 hours weekly


Life long

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