Hire a Global Talent for Your Organisation

Access the best network in the world for hiring talent that meets your global needs. Enable the leadership journey of some of the brightest youth across the globe with AIESEC.

Global Talent Product Overview

Global Talent is the corporate program of AIESEC to organisations who want to benefit from international talent and for young professionals who want to develop their leadership and professional skills. The duration of the internship ranges from 6 to 12 months and focuses on bridging your organisational and talent hiring goals with the leadership journey of the intern.


AIESEC provides complete back-end support services that make the experience smooth for you and the intern, from sourcing of candidate profiles and arrival logistics to cultural integration and departure support. This is a flexible and effective business solution, whether you are an MNC with global requirements or an SME that wants to expand globally.

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Why Hire Through AIESEC?

AIESEC has been providing talent solutions to organisations since 1948. We believe that leadership can only be developed in a challenging environment that fulfils the professional goals of the intern and the talent goals of the organisation. The interns provided by AIESEC come with their native and international perspectives coupled with expertise in their fields that can lead to unforeseen innovations, leading to overall organisational growth and value addition. We believe that leadership is the key to a better world, and you can enable the leadership journey of a young professional who can satisfy your talent requirements.

Competitive Talent Advantage

Vast Customization and Easy Hiring

 Build a Global Work Environment

Talent Pool of 120 Countries

 Enable Youth Leadership Development

Exceptional Customer Service


Confirm Opportunity

Filling in the job questionnaire with the specific requirements and signing the contract with AIESEC

Profile Sourcing

We will provide you the right candidates according to the JQ filled in by you.

Screening and Selection Process

This is where we will assess the candidates for their suitability for the opportunity.

VISA and Logistics

Once selected, we start the documentation process for the candidate to procure the necessary VISA.

Arrival and Reception

AIESEC will receive the intern and accompany them to first day of work to start their leadership journey with you.


Interested to hire international employees for your company? Contact us at business.development@aiesec.be for more information.

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