develop yourself, learn to lead, network with the world, create an impact, join aiesec.

Join one of our local teams and develop yourself through practical experiences in the world’s largest youth-led organization.

we are designed by youth, for youth

connect, develop and lead with aiesec.

AIESEC is the worlds largest youth run organisation. By joining us, you become part of an international community and you start developing new skills through practical experiences, while having an impactful contribution.

Develop diverse skills for the future

By having the freedom to make mistakes, use your creativity and try new things you develop different soft and hard skills for your future

Make an impactful contribution

By doing your daily tasks and activities in AIESEC have an everlasting impact on the people around you and in the world

Join the international community

AIESEC is represented in 111+ countries and has a million+ alumni which are giving you an opportunity to create a powerful network

Connect, develop and lead with AIESEC

What you will do:

  • Creating promotional strategies
  • Organizing events
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Presentations about AIESEC and our products
  • Building University Relations
  • Selling our products to potential customers

What you will develop:

  • Planning skills
  • Public speaking
  • Design & writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales and negotiation skills

What you will do:

  • Contacting students who want to go abroad
  • Communicating with AIESEC in other countries
  • Connecting the student to the manager in the other country
  • Organizing seminars
  • Stay in touch with the students and guide them through the process of going abroad

What you will develop:

  • Planning skills
  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • Reality of the local market
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Solution oriented

What you will do:

  • Prospection of companies for potential partnerships
  • Approaching and selling to companies
  • Preparing interns before coming to Belgium
  • Organizing seminars
  • Organizing development spaces

What you will develop:

  • Planning skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • B2B sales
  • Account management

It’s only by investing in finding and developing the best in our people that we can grow as an organization. You’ll design training and development plans, track performance, and create systems that celebrate achievement as well as recruit new people into your local team. Skills you can gain: communication skills, HR processes management, recruitment

how to become an AIESECer in 4 steps

Fill a simple form
When contacted - schedule an interview with us
Pass the selection process and meet your team
Develop your practical skills in a challenging environment

Very best opinions


In AIESEC I gained skills I could’ve never gained through university. By taking a bold step and applying as a member I grew and gained skills I can use later when working in a company. 
Former National Marketing Manager
AIESEC has helped me grow in so many ways, it’s much more than just being a part of an association, it’s more like being a part of a big family who will always be there for you. I’m surrounded by people who push me to do my best everyday, and I feel so proud for all the progress I've achieved so far. It has surprised me more times than I can count, and I know that it will continue challenging me, positively, through this journey.
AIESEC is a platform where you are encouraged to get out of your comfort zone and to outdo yourself.  You have a sense of belonging to the AIESEC family that supports and motivates your personal and professional growth.
Vice-President Finance & Legal in AIESEC in Campus Brussels

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