GuaTEduca – Educating Children and Women

April 4, 2017

Location: Villa Nueva, Guatemala Department, Guatemala | Start date: May 15 2017- June 26, 2017 | Duration: 6 weeks | Positions: 1 

Improve education rates in Guatemala, prepare children for society with an efficient and relevant education, with personal values, social responsibility etc. Through conducting theoretical and practical lessons, games and dynamic workshops on arts, sports and mainly English class. The aim is to open the minds of children, to give them the freedom to dream, to encourage them to strive whether can convert all your dreams into reality. Also work with women and children’s mothers.

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  • Week 1: Introduction, share ideas, knowledge, align proposals with the essence of the organization

  • Week 2: Introduce your culture: traditions, history, landscapes etc including the use of language

  • Week3 to4: Development and reflection of personal, ethical values and preparing children for society

  • Week5:Help children to make their career plan, develop necessary skills, show that can get what want

  • Week 6: Conclusion, organize a presentation about their experience and learnings to students

  • Week 6: Make a report about how was the development of the project, and the results you achieved


Accommodation – Provided.
Working Hours – 05:37 am to 01:37 pm

food – Two meals per day.


May 13th, 2017.

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