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First a member, then a Team Leader – Elias’ story

By admin | 18. February 2019

When I joined AIESEC I immediately applied to lead my own team, which didn’t happen. Throughout my first months in AIESEC, I learned a lot about Sales and HR but also about how to lead and motivate other people to achieve their goals. Today I lead two teams and have learned that what defines a…

First a member, then a Team Leader – Chanel’s story

By admin | 13. February 2019

From the person that I was to the person that I really am … One and a half years ago, I decided, somewhat unexpectedly, to join AIESEC. I had indeed, at that time, needed something new in my life as a student. I must admit that it took me some time to truly understand what…

First a member, then a Team Leader – Alexis’ story

By admin | 11. February 2019

My journey within AIESEC started one year ago. As I was scrolling online during a well-deserved break after the courses, an online announcement got my attention. The Local AIESEC Committee of Louvain-La-Neuve was recruiting new members to join their association as they do every semester. They were looking for dynamic people willing to be part…

First a member, then a Team Leader – Charlotte’s story

By admin | 8. February 2019

When I joined AIESEC in UAntwerp 2,5 years ago, I started as a member in the marketing team. I learned more about social media and digital marketing, internal communication and how to organize events. I also became more comfortable in public speaking, doing aula speeches and talking to strangers at our marketing activities. After being…

What would you wish from Santa ?

By admin | 25. December 2016

Santa Claus /ˈsantə klɔːz/ :  a plump white-bearded and red-suited old man in modern folklore who delivers presents to good children at Christmastime —called also Santa Santa, the white bearded man that has somehow marked our childhood. At the end of each year, all kids from all over the world live with the faith that this…

The Value of Purpose-Driven Leaders

By admin | 5. November 2016

“The key challenge for business is how do we get more purpose-driven leaders that realise they are there to make a difference in the world”, said Bill George of Harvard Business School at The World Economic Forum, which took place in Davos again this year. “The pressures are greater today than they’ve ever been on CEOs to…

AIESEC Participates at UN ECOSOC Forum on Youth

By admin | 2. February 2015

This generation of young people – the largest the world has ever seen – has a historic opportunity to end poverty, combat climate change, create jobs and fight injustice, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told a Youth Forum at UN Headquarters in New York this morning as he called on the participants to get involved…

Charie Hebdo Paris

Living Diversity for World Peace

By admin | 29. January 2015

The World’s Very Real Need for Cultural Understanding AIESEC emerged from a period in time when cultural understanding was at an all-time low. In the years following the Second World War, the whole of the European continent was ravaged to the ground. Each nation was coping with its own grave losses, and between all countries…

Happy Holidays AIESEC

Happy Holidays

By admin | 25. December 2014

Give the gift of gratitude Did you know? Giving gratitude and happiness is linked. Give thanks and warm wishes to those who have helped empower you to become the person you are today. It is in these special moments of peace and warmth where we can find joy and rekindled bonds that fuel us for the coming new year. To…

Julia Bacha TEDx

TEDx talks that inspire a different perspective on World Peace

By admin | 17. December 2014

We live in a world where seemingly small things like intolerance and misunderstanding of people’s differences have caused large-scale conflict, destruction and even wars. World peace can seem like an impossible thing, but we at AIESEC interpret it a little differently. ‘Peace’ should not be interpreted necessarily as absence of a major war. ‘Peace’ symbolizes…

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