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March 24, 2017


Hi there!


On Tuesday, the 21st of March, AIESECers in Gent gathered earlier than expected to prepare for our next big event, GLOBAL INTERN. The reason was to welcome our 5 international speakers, 5 empowered leading young ladies, who came from all over Europe, to Gent, to share personal experiences and opportunities in their cities with us!

  • Sasha (MCVP) from AIESEC in Austria;
  • Nicole (LCVP) from AIESEC in Prague, Czech Republic;
  • Lea (LCVP) from AIESEC in Budapest, Hungary;
  • Dominika (LCVP) from AIESEC in Krakow, Poland;
  • and Ana Margarida (LCVP) from AIESEC in Porto, Portugal.

Our guests did also show up early, rather unexpectedly, full of excitement to start or plan their international internships. The turn-up was better than anyone could have hoped for! 


global_intern4After each of the VP’s presented her story, and AIESEC in Gent helped put everything into context, everyone moved from the quite full auditorium to the hall, where we offered some international food made by Paella, and sandwiches made by our very own AIESECers. The food disappeared as quickly as you would expect from a group of young adults starving after endless lessons.

Shortly afterwards, global_intern2we went back to listen to our main speaker of the evening, Olivier Van Duüren. Presenting us with an inspiring overview of his book The Dualarity, along with some book editions as prize/gifts, Mr. Van Duüren managed to capture the attention of everyone in his empowering talk about Transformational Leadership, titled: “Tap into the Energy of Your Personal and Business Transformation” (The Dualarity).

Hammered by questions from the crowd both during and after his talk. Mr. Van Duüren remained patient and offered the best support he can offer to AIESEC in Gent.


global_intern1Everyone feeling inspired, we concluded the night by inviting all of them to tag along and have a drink with our international delegates. Both AIESECers in Gent and some of our guests joined, to make a legendary night, filled with inspiring stories and shared dreams and opinions.

AIESEC in Gent proves again its leading position among youth-led organisations and its power to inspire and empower others to take more challenges and to think globally,
as we global citizens should.


Love from every AIESECer in Gent


March 21, 2017


Hi there!


Did you just discover AIESEC and are you a little unsure of what we can do for you? Or are you already looking for opportunities that suit you best? Maybe getting a bit frustrated navigating through the huge amounts of information on your own? We completely understand, but we got you!


Did you know we organize a special kind of ‘event’ to guide you through this? Gather your information first hand at our ‘Open Offices’!

These ‘events’ provide you with the ideal setting to have a one-to-one conversation with an AIESEC-member to go over some practicalities or questions. Every Wednesday, we are dedicating our evening to help you out in any way we can!


Come and say hi, because we would love to meet you!


February 26, 2017


Hi there!

Our yearly Global Village has gone… and it was a success once again! As it seems, a lot of people are ready for a new adventure. Ready to explore the world and discover the countless opportunities we have in store for them!

So last Tuesday, we welcomed everyone who wanted to gather some information, talk to us or simply enjoy themselves in true AIESEC spirit. The whole AIESEC team shared a lot of enthusiasm to create an international, inclusive and exciting atmosphere, enhanced by live music and free food. What more could you want, right?!


global_village    global_village2


We mostly wanted to familiarize potential EP’s and new members with the essence of AIESEC, while making them understand the gist of what we, as AIESEC’ers, do ‘behind the scenes’, or possibly could do for them.

As a guest, you could soak up the energy or talk to an AIESEC’er and learn more from personal experiences. No obligations, no pressure, just fun! As a member, it was an enriching experience, getting to know new people and passing on the spark to become a global citizen.

But above all, we had a great time and concluded the night with a couple of drinks, cosy chats and some awesome dance moves… prove can be found on our Facebook page 😉


Until next time!



February 16, 2017


Do you want to explore the world and are you ready for a new adventure?

Start at our yearly GLOBAL VILLAGE!

Global Village gives you the opportunity to experience different cultures by offering you free music and food and the chance to meet international students!

Whether you’re interested in joining AIESEC in Gent as a member, or you’re planning a voluntary or professional internship, you can gather all the necessary information at Global Village!

Musical vibes provided by

✖ The AfroBelgians
✖ Pyroclastic Wave

Smooth beats brought to you by

✖ DJ-Team Focking Nice

Come and join us in the Foyer (Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde, -1) from 6pm onwards.

If you’re interested in becoming an AIESEC member, you can already apply by registrating here:

What are you waiting for?